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Recent Care. Remain Care. Really Care.

RecentCare regards patient care as the core of our business. We hope to develop care-based sustainable values according to the needs of the patients, provide continuous care, and offer genuine protection.

We care that you care.

We understand the pain you experience when you are hurt and hope to provide the most comfortable care to alleviate your pain.

Our focus.

We are committed to research and development and provide solutions for wound care.

Our belief.

Every patient can obtain the best care when they are injured.

Our job.

Currently, the different wound care markets show varying degrees of maturity and there is no single dressing that is suitable for all types of wounds. Therefore, we set off from the clinical needs for wound care and developed high-end materials and dressing products that can fulfill consumers' needs based on different regions, wound-types, and requirements.

Our hope.

To accelerate wound healing speed, improve the quality of life of all, reduce medical manpower, and increase patient satisfaction.

Our past.

In 2013, RecentCare began focusing on the R&D of hydrogel dressings. At the same time, RecentCare possesses a complete research team and manufacturing process. The core techniques have multiple patent certifications, and we have outstanding R&D capabilities for hydrophilic dressings.

Our present.

Development and design, production and manufacturing, and international marketing are integrated to provide global wound care market services and solutions.
We also continue to collaborate with academic and medical institutions. We provide high-quality wound care and healthcare products according to the requirements of the medical staff and patients.

Our future.

In the future, we will focus on the development of more effective and diverse functional materials platforms by combining the delivery method of the transdermal drug delivery system.