Recentcare has devoted itself to the research and development of hydrogels for more than ten years. We offer an effective and diverse customized hydrogel platform to customers and collaborating partners alike.

Our team specializes in the design, development, and production of high-quality professional medical materials and dressings to meet different customization needs.

Recentcare has its own proprietary hydrogel structure and technology. This platform possesses many characteristics: it is transparent and breathable; has good extensibility, high biocompatibility, and high water absorption; and is bacteriostatic. In addition, it can act as a carrier for delivering active substances through a transdermal delivery system. These characteristics make it particularly suited to the design of high-performance skin contact devices for use in a variety of clinical situations.

We use this technology to provide unique and compelling products for our B2B clients by using our professional expertise in the design and manufacture of complex skin contact devices.